Baltic Window

The Baltic Window is one of the essential outcomes of Baltadapt. As a one-stop-shop information portal compiling all available information on climate change adaptation in the Baltic Sea Region, it shall be the central hub for decision makers from the Region. Providing the Baltic Window, Baltadapt supports European decision makers in adapting to climate change and helps users to access and share information.

New sub-section in of Climate-ADAPT portal

The Baltic Window is integrated into the European Adaptation Platform “Climate-ADAPT”. As a sub-section under the heading ‘Transnational regions’ it addresses not only policy makers in the BSR but target groups all over the European Union.

The BSR sub-section provides information about the Baltic Sea Region, climate change impacts it has to face and sectoral vulnerabilities. The policy framework, crucial organisations, and central documents as the proposal for a BSR-wide Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan developed within the Baltadapt project are described. Examples of adaptation actions are given. Additionally, integrating the Climate-ADAPT data base, the BSR sub-section gives an overview on projects dealing with climate change adaptation in the BSR and their relevant outputs.

The platform can be reached by using the following link:

A concept briefly summarizing structure, content, and functions of the Baltic Sea Region sub-section can be downloaded here as Baltadapt Report #12.

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