Baltadapt brings together the leading expert institutions to create a knowledge brokerage process in the field of climate change adaptation and to develop a climate change adaptation strategy and a framework for its implementation. The partner consortium, led by the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), involves both federal policy institutions tasked with addressing climate change and research institutions with climate change science expertise.
The partnership emphasizes Baltadapt’s umbrella approach, as partners can draw on their previous or ongoing participation in other regional climate change projects, ensuring an interface to the vast amount of information already existing on the topic and bringing in their extensive experience with European climate change projects.

The following eleven institutions from around the Baltic Sea are partners in Baltadapt:

Contact us

Lead Partner

Danish Meteorological Institute
Contact: Ole Krarup Leth
Phone +45. 3915 7223

Project Coordination Office

s.Pro – sustainable projects
Contact: Carsten Beyer
Phone +49. 30 832 1417 44