Interactive Geodome Visualisations

The Climate is changing – Experience how this affects the society

visualiseringsdom_200150Climate change research provides large amounts of data which are converted into knowledge about the future climate. It is a challenge to make this knowledge easily understandable for decision makers at different levels of society. Visualisation technology makes it easier to see and understand the complexity of climate change issues. With the help of visualisation the visitor takes control over the dialogue on how climate change affects the society.
During the Conference “Adaptation to Climate Change in the Baltic Sea Region” taking place in Riga, Latvia 3–4 September 2013, you will have the unique opportunity to experience the following interactive visualisations in the Geodome, an inflatable dome theatre with the possibility to project visualisations on the ceiling:

  • Urban Water Vision (film)
    Visualisation of climate change – challenges for city planning
    More rain with increasing intensity places big demands on how to plan cities for the future. How can the water volume be handled? And how can science support with knowledge?
  • Climate Change Adaptation in Sweden (film)
    Ticks are spreading northwards. Ski resorts are looking for ways to ensure they still have snow. Local councils are making plans to deal with the increased risk of floods and landslides. The film shows some examples of how climate change influences
    different parts of society and what can be done.
  • Baltic Vision (Interactive session)
    What causes the eutrophication of the Baltic Sea? What are the future climate scenarios for the sea? Decisions concerning the marine environment are increasingly considering the effects of a warmer climate.
  • World View (Interactive session)
    What causes global warming, what do the climate change scenarios show us and what alternatives exist for reducing greenhouse gases?

Find out more about the Conference "Adaptation to Climate Change in the Baltic Sea Region" here.
Registration is open at www.lu.lv/baltadapt/reg.

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