Third Forum on Climate Change Adaptation in the Baltic Sea Region takes place 29 – 30 May 2013 in Tallinn, Estonia

3rd-policy-forum-logo-01-300x297The Council of the Baltic Sea States, CBSS in close cooperation with the Estonian Ministry of the Environment announce the 3rd Policy Forum on Climate Change Adaptation in the Baltic Sea Region “Time to Baltadapt”, taking place 29-30 May 2013 at Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia in Tallin, Estonia. Within the framework of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, EUSBSR, adopted in 2009, all countries within the region agreed on the necessity to develop a climate change adaptation strategy for this European macro-region, also including an action plan proposing concrete adaptation measure.
An international partnership of eleven main actors on climate change adaptation from a majority of Baltic Sea Region countries, called Baltadapt, is currently well on its way to develop this adaptation strategy and action plan. The Forum on Climate Change Adaptation in the Baltic Sea Region is the working platform for the drafting process of these documents.

The Forum involves high level policy makers from different relevant national ministries from the Baltic and Scandinavian countries, representatives of the European Commission, international and regional organizations as well as research institutions, sub-regional and city networks and NGOs: “It is a unique network bringing together relevant players in this field to jointly discuss and make practical proposal on how to work with climate change adaptation in the future”, says Krista Kampus, Senior Adviser for Sustainable Development at the Council of the Baltic Sea States, CBSS.
“Many countries have made cutting greenhouse gas emissions their main environmental priority. But no matter how well we manage to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, some climate change is inevitable. Therefore, we will also have to be prepare to adapt to the consequences that climate change will most likely have upon us”, Ms Kampus concludes.

The third Policy Forum is the final in a series of events that took place in April 2012 in Berlin, Germany and December 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden.
This time interactive thematic sessions will focus on:

  • Financing adaptation
  • Climate change adaptation, preparedness and civil protection;
  • Climate-smart Agriculture
  • Spatial Planning and land-based infrastructure

The final proposal on a climate change adaptation strategy and integrated action plan will be launched on 4th September 2013 in Riga, Latvia. The development of a climate change adaptation strategy and action plan for the Baltic Sea Region as the first EU Macro-region is also well in line with the recently adopted EU Strategy to climate change that was launched on 29th April 2013 in Brussels.

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