Workshop: Climate Change Adaptions and Maritime Spatial Planning in the Baltic Sea

13–14 May 2013 | Skanör, Sweden

partiseapate_logo This workshop aims specifically at the implications of climate change on the sea and coastal areas for maritime spatial planning: Which marine / maritime uses might be most affected by climate change? What are possible effects of climate change on important habitats & biota? What kind of coastal protection measures are foreseen to be necessary in the future? What kind of strategies exist at pan-Baltic as well as national / regional level on climate change adaptation? Which recommendations provides the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region flagship project BaltAdapt?

The main purposes of the workshop are, within the field of maritime and coastal spatial planning to:

  • give an introduction with focus on implications of climate change adaptation strategies on MSP
  • increase awareness about, as well as formulate the importance of, marine spatial planning for stakeholders, their role and perspective,
  • identify considerations to be taken into account in planning process
  • identify relevant climate change models planners needs to take into account
  • identify main issues for collaboration on a pan-Baltic level,
  • learn about the specific perspectives and roles of different player dealing with coastal/marine climate change adaptations in the Baltic Sea area
  • create a good basis for upcoming processes and partnerships
  • develop a concept for dialogue and support between climate change researchers & planners as well as other stakeholders
  • contribute to recommendations on future development of MSPs around the BSR

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