Climate Change and Tourism – responding to Baltic Sea wide Challenges

Stakeholder Workshop | 2–3 May 2012 | Warnemünde, Germany

The tourism sector within the Baltic Sea Region will have to meet new challenges. At the same time as tourism needs to limit its impact on the environment, it will be necessary to adapt to the consequences of a changing climate. Many problems and opportunities will be shared by those active in the tourism sector in the Baltic Sea Region, whereas others might be significantly different due to diverse natural or societal conditions.

The workshop gave the opportunity to exchange views and approaches with colleagues from other Baltic Sea countries, with facilitation from climate change experts. Together, the participants identified long-term goals for the sectors in various parts of the region (10 and 50 years) with emphasis on opportunities and challenges in reaching these goals and climate change impacts that might have an effect on the development of the sector and environmental impacts.

Impressions from the workshop

The workshop participants identified issues that are recommended to be included in the Strategy, including needs that have to be politically addressed and priority areas for political action. Measures that could help to reduce sectoral risks, as well as factors that hamper or support the implementation of adaptation measures in the sector were discussed, as well as way to overcome identified obstacles.

The workshop took place back-to-back with the conference "Building a Baltic Sea Tourism Region".

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