OURCOAST Stakeholders Conference

27–28 October 2011, Riga, Latvia

OURCOAST Stakeholder ConferenceThe OURCOAST Stakeholders conference is organised under the auspices of the OURCOAST initiative commissioned by the Directorate-General (DG) Environment of the European Commission. The Conference will focus on the exchange of experiences and best practices in integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) in order to share and showcase the wealth of coastal-related activities and initiatives that addresses adaptation to risks, sustainable use of resources and economic growth.
The conference will be an occasion to reflect, at high level, on the further needs to support the implementation of ICZM in Europe. Adaptation to risk will be one of three major themes of the Riga conference.

It is organised in a way that key stakeholders from around Europe will have the opportunity to share and discuss their experiences and initiatives. Coastal networks and on-going project participants, in particular representatives from regional cooperation initiatives such as those supported through the Cohesion policy ("INTERREG" projects) are encouraged to join and feature an integrated programme to facilitate interaction between the stakeholders of the various regional programmes and the European Commission.

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Baltadapt side event

As a side event to the OURCOAST stakeholders conference, Baltadapt is organising the stakeholder workshop "Climate knowledge for regional stakeholders inthe eastern Baltic Sea Region" in Riga on 28 October 2011.
Click here to read more about the Baltadapt workshop.

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