Baltic Environmental Forum (BEF) Lithuania

The Baltic Environmental Forum (BEF) is a non-governmental organization working in areas of environmental protection and sustainable development. BEF Lithuania is active in environmental policy-making, project management, lobbying, guidance, public education and awareness raising.

BEF was a member of the consortium tasked with providing the Lithuanian Ministry of Environment with recommendations and an action plan to improve institutional and human capacity for efficient implementation of the Kyoto protocol.

BEF’s role in Baltadapt

BEF is providing input into the process of developing the Baltic Sea Region wide climate change adaptation strategy. Furthermore, it is ensuring feedback and communication mechanisms with Lithuanian stakeholders during its development.


Baltic Environmental Forum (BEF) Lithuania

Užupio g. 9/2-17 | 01202 Vilnius | Lithuania

Contact: Kęstutis Navickas
Phone +370. 5 215 9287
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