Fourth Workshop on Water and Adaptation to Climate Change in transboundary basins

25–26 June 2013 | Geneva, Switzerland

sea_cloud_200150The Baltadapt Lead Partner will present the Baltic Sea Region Climate Change Adaptation Strategy at the United Nations Economic Commision for Europe's (UNECE) fourth workshop on Adaptation to Climate Change in Transboundary Basins. This event will take place in the Palais des Nations, Geneva on 25–26 June 2013 back-to-back with the sixth meeting of the Task Force on Water and Climate (Geneva, 27 June 2013).

Climate Change and Nature Conservation in Europe - an ecological, policy and economic perspective

25–27 June 2013 | Bonn, Germany

ccnceClimate change is already affecting Europe’s ecosystems. We can expect potentially severe effects on biodiversity and ecosystem function and services in the future. The resulting challenges need to be met by appropriate action despite uncertainty about the timing and magnitude of possible climatic changes. This European conference will bring together experts from science, policy and practice to highlight and debate the importance of adapting to climate change in conservation from an ecological, policy and economic perspective, and will also showcase successful conservation partnerships across Europe.

Adaptation to Climate Change - Results and Experiences of 5 projects / clusters in 4 Interreg VIB programme areas with German participation

25 June 2013 | Berlin, Germany

bbsr_logoD-5-4-3 – ADAPT is a national cooperation platform for German project partners of five climate change adaptation projects and clusters in four programme areas (North West Europe, North Sea Region, Baltic Sea Region, Alpine Space). The aim of this project partnership is to exchange and disseminate the respective projects' results that are relevant for climate change adaptation in Germany.

Dublin Climate Gathering

17–19 June 2013 | Dublin, Ireland

CG-logo-final-croppedThe Dublin Climate Gathering will bring together representatives from the worlds of technology, business, politics, and culture to work on building the clean economy – Plan C.
The purpose of this Dublin workshop is to answer the question, “how can we inspire support for a digital revolution which has a central role in delivering the new low carbon revolution?” We will work on the key civil society, political, economic and technological system changes that are needed to advance innovation in this new economy and society.

Launch event – EU Strategy on adaptation to climate change

29 April 2012 | Brussels, Belgium


Adaptation to climate change is crucial for reducing the risk and damage from current and future impacts of climate change in a cost-effective manner and to exploit potential benefits. The European Commission is currently developing an EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change.
This Strategy will be launched at a conference that brings together policy makers and practitioners working on adaptation to the impacts of climate change. The one-day event will provide an opportunity to present and discuss the EU Strategy on adaptation to climate change, the framework it establishes, its main focus areas and suggested actions. The overall goal is to support coherent, multi-level, multi-sector integrated adaptation policies in the EU.

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