University of Tartu, Estonian Marine Institute

The Estonian Marine Institute (EMI), University of Tartu, is an educational and research body engaged in applied and basic research in aquatic sciences, and an advisory body to the Ministry of the Environment, and Ministry of Agriculture (marine monitoring, fisheries research, some socioeconomic issues).

Also, EMI is well represented in different bodies of the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) and HELCOM.
Research carried out in the Institute is closely related to climate change and an important part of EMI’s activities are related to environmental impact assessments of various human activities.

EMI’s role in Baltadapt

EMI’s current work is directed toward analyses of climate change legislation and elaboration of policy in Estonia, as well as research on adaptation best practices, all of which feed into the strategy and action plan developed in the Baltadapt project. EMI is also contributing to the working groups on the Baltic Sea ecosystem and the coastal zone.


University of Tartu, Estonian Marine Institute

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