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uni_latvia A draft agenda of the Conference "Adaptation to Climate Change in the Baltic Sea Region" (Riga, Latvia, 3–4 September 2013) has now been released at baltadapt.eu.
The Conference is a further step towards the political endorsement and the implementation of the Baltic Sea Region Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and its accompanying Action Plan. It will bring together policy makers across all levels, scientists and other stakeholders dealing with climate change adaptation in the Baltic Sea Region and beyond.
Registration is open at www.lu.lv/baltadapt/reg.

Contribute to Parallel Sessions!

workshops_200150 Get involved in one of these Parralel Sessions:
Save the Sea – Climate change impacts and adaptation options for safeguarding Baltic marine life and ecosystem services
Connect the Region – Coordination and cooperation in climate change adaptation on all levels
Increase Prosperity – Facing climate change pro-actively: collaborative governance, adaptive economy and spatial planning

Please submit your topic proposal for the workshops to  janis.sire@lu.lv by 21 June 2013!

Be part of our Exhibition Area and Experience the Geodome!

geodome_200150 The Conference's Exhibition Area gives you the possibility to showcase your best practice examples, project results and products!
At the heart of the Exhibition Area, a Geodome will feature a number of films and interactive sessions with easy-to-understand visualisations of climate change in the Baltic Sea Region and on a global scale.

Join one of the Excursions!

excursions_200150 Join one of our excursions and learn more about approaches to climate change adaptation in Latvia.
Riga adapting to Climate Change: This excursion will focus on climate change adaptation examples in Riga, the capital and largest city of Latvia and the Baltic states.
Sigulda – adaptation problems and tourism: Sigulda is situated on a picturesque stretch of the primeval Gauja river valley. After the restoration of Latvian independence in 1991, emphasis was placed on conserving Sigulda’s public monuments and parks as well as improving the town’s tourist sector.



    Photo credits: Johannes Jansson, norden.org |University of Latvia | CBSS Baltic21 | SMHI | Shutterstock
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