Baltadapt News 10/2011

Baltadapt Climate Info

Baltadapt Climate InfoHow will climate change affect the Baltic Sea Region? In which parts of the region can we expect temperatures to rise? What will be the effect of climate change on nutrient loads to the Baltic Sea?
You will find answers to those questions in Baltadapt Climate Info, a series of bulletins on the impact of climate change on the Baltic Sea. Each issue reviews the expected impacts on one selected indicator, such as air temperature, sea level rise or eutrophication.
The first four issues of Baltadapt Climate Info have now been published and can be downloaded from the Baltadapt project website. The topics of the first four bulletins are air temperature, wind waves, river discharge and nutrient loads to the Baltic Sea.

Meet us at the EU BSR Annual Forum

Baltadapt at Annual Forum on the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea RegionAs a flagship project under the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, Baltadapt has been invited to take part in the Second Annual Forum on the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region in Gdańsk, Poland on 25 and 26 October 2011.
Baltadapt will be presented with a stand in the Networking and Project Village connected to the event. The Lead Partner, represented by Ole Krarup Leth, will also give a short presentation about the project as part of the official programme.
More information on the Annual Forum can be found on the Baltadapt website and on the official conference website.

Workshops on climate knowledge for regional coastal stakeholders

Workshops on climate knowledge for regional coastal stakeholdersCommunities on the Baltic Sea face increasing challenges due to global climate change. Sea level rise, increasingly extreme weather events, and changing patterns of coastal and marine biodiversity are just a few of the many impacts that stakeholder in coastal communities must face. The Baltadapt project invites you to a series of three stakeholder workshops on climate knowledge for regional coastal stakeholders in the eastern Baltic Sea region. The workshops offer a unique opportunity to explore the specific challenges and opportunities for climate change adaptation on the Eastern shores of the Baltic Sea.
The three events will be held in Gdańsk, Poland on 25 October 2011, in Klaipeda, Lithuania on 27 October 2011, and in Riga, Latvia on 28 October 2011

Baltadapt at BalticClimate Final Conference

Pathfinding through climate change"Pathfinding through Climate Change" is the title of the BalticClimate project's final conference to be held in Riga on 8 and 9 November 2011. The project aims at supporting local and regional authorities and actors in dealing with the issue of climate change.
Maxi Nachtigall from the Secretariat of the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS), partner in Baltadapt, has been invited as a keynote speaker to the conference. She will present in the parallel session on Experiences in Agriculture. The focus of her presentation will be on sustainable climate smart agriculture, permaculture and food security.
More information on the conference can be found here.

Upcoming events

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11–13 October 2011, Hamburg, Germany
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18–21 October 2011, Biarritz, France
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OURCOAST Stakeholder Conference

27–28 October 2011, Riga, Latvia
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Problems of Adaptation to Climate Change

7–9 November 2011, Moscow, Russian Federation
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Climate Change Adaptation in Practice

18–19 January 2012, Helsinki, Finland
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